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Inspiration is defined as” the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”

Two weeks ago, I published my first blog post, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I am grateful for the positive feedback I have received. I have been meaning to write again, but I think I might be swamped.

But thanks to my colleague, who said the most profound thing to me, said she found my writing style very easy to read, she likes the flow of things, and asked me to write a book (LOLS), who knows, I might just do that. What touched me the most about Dima’s commentary is that, she said my story made her feel like all things are possible, she felt inspired not to give up on herself, he dreams, her visions, to continue on any chosen path, no matter how rocky the road may seem, because sometimes it does feel like we are never going to overcome.

So, this is my ‘give thanks’ piece to all the people that have been inspired my journey, the fact that you told me how you felt, actually kept me going. It’s worth so much to hear that someone was inspired to be better, to do more, to set and smash their goals. Inspiration is never to be undermined, it’s the source of magic. I always say, the best jobs I have had, are those where I was led by inspirational leaders, they managed to keep me engaged and passionate about what I do.

Love, peace and happiness!


Published by BlockHead

A Human Resources Practitioner with a blended knowledge of HR; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Management as well as Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition. Enthusiastic and outgoing, an innovator who is continuously aware of new possibilities with a penchant for discovering different but effective ways of doing things. I gain motivation from the ability to not only generate but implement ideas. A visionary with a positive mindset which often carries others with me. Forever interested in seeing the possibilities, particularly in people, within and beyond the present moment. My key strengths lie in consulting with business to understand how HR activities can contribute to business strategy execution. Passionate about the digital landscape and have successfully implemented Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies for various organisations. I totally believe that healthy organisation culture is a competitive game changer, and strive to help shape companies to attract and retain the best people to meet their mission and grow their vision. As an experienced Talent Acquisition Manager with a documented history of working in HR across various industries in South Africa, as well as other countries on the African continent including Kenya and Nigeria, I know that Africa has incredible talent, and I am excited to play a role in unleashing the best in people across the corporate world. Simply put...I love what I do! In my spare time, I am an avid participant in various activities hosted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), and a regular contributor to their Blog including taking part in their weekly “Next Chat” on twitter. This is a global platform hosted by SHRM that has people from all facets of HR sharing ideas, knowledge and learning on the specific topic chosen for the week. This June, I will be speaking at the annual conference #SHRM19 which is being held in Las Vegas.

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