The Social Media Playground

We live in the age of continuous connection. Social digital change is the only constant. Social Media is a powerful tool, we can create any narrative, it has made the world smaller, through it our access and reach is far wider.

So, I asked a guru and this is what they said:

“Social Media is the new playground, you go there to make friends, to play to have fun, to be free and to create some memories. You find the same things on this playground as you do on the traditional ones from our childhood, we are shy at first, we suss out our friends, we connect and get along with people that we have a lot in common with, we make and lose friends, there are also people who aren’t properly socialized who harass and bully others. It’s all there, same thing, just that now, we are engaging on digital platforms” – G.C., Social Media Manager

Attending a conference is a massive investment. To determine ROI we need to ensure that we leverage all the resources available to us. Social Media allows us to develop a personal and/or company brand, so that people know who we are and what we are looking for. Developing a network at a large conference can be difficult. We can plan to meet people that we would like to connect with; however, with thousands of people and hundreds of different sessions happening at the same time, this can be very difficult. Social Media can help us make the task easier, because we can instantly connect and find out what they are up to and where they are in real time.

The thing is, not to wait for others to follow you, reach out and connect. Initiate, be intentional on social media. Have targeted connections, know who you want to connect with at #SHRM19, use social media to let them know upfront that you are interested in meeting them, highlight the reasons why. Ask for time in their diary. This is the best way to make sure you avoid the long ques of people that will also be demanding their attention. I am always pleasantly surprised at how people respond and agree to connect on all platforms.

Follow the #SHRM19 hashtag, the HR influences and speakers. The conference hashtag is already being used on most platforms, this is the easiest way to know what’s going down at HR’s biggest professional development event – (and party!) — in Las Vegas. Engage, comment, share your thoughts, allow people to get to know you more.

Remember to also use the #SHRM19 hashtag, I have seen people creating their own — and that’s cool too — as long as you remember to use the main one. Be yourself, have fun and remember to always be positive!

Please join me, to hear my story on how I used social media to connect with the #HRTribe on #NextChat and ultimately became a SHRM member. I will be speaking on the Smart Stage: Getting – and Staying – Social at #SHRM19!  Sunday 06/23/2019 12:20 PM – 12:38 PM

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Published by BlockHead

A Human Resources Practitioner with a blended knowledge of HR; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Management as well as Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition. Enthusiastic and outgoing, an innovator who is continuously aware of new possibilities with a penchant for discovering different but effective ways of doing things. I gain motivation from the ability to not only generate but implement ideas. A visionary with a positive mindset which often carries others with me. Forever interested in seeing the possibilities, particularly in people, within and beyond the present moment. My key strengths lie in consulting with business to understand how HR activities can contribute to business strategy execution. Passionate about the digital landscape and have successfully implemented Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies for various organisations. I totally believe that healthy organisation culture is a competitive game changer, and strive to help shape companies to attract and retain the best people to meet their mission and grow their vision. As an experienced Talent Acquisition Manager with a documented history of working in HR across various industries in South Africa, as well as other countries on the African continent including Kenya and Nigeria, I know that Africa has incredible talent, and I am excited to play a role in unleashing the best in people across the corporate world. Simply put...I love what I do! In my spare time, I am an avid participant in various activities hosted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), and a regular contributor to their Blog including taking part in their weekly “Next Chat” on twitter. This is a global platform hosted by SHRM that has people from all facets of HR sharing ideas, knowledge and learning on the specific topic chosen for the week. This June, I will be speaking at the annual conference #SHRM19 which is being held in Las Vegas.

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